Get an instant sprinkler design for your yard—FREE!
Welcome to the Orbit Sprinkler System Designer! Whether you want to get a sprinkler design for your full yard, complete an unfinished portion of the yard, or just modify some aspect of your landscape, the Orbit Sprinkler System Designer (OSSD) can help you complete the job.

1 - PLAN

With OSSD you can easily trace a Google map of your yard, use your own sketch, or just start designing from scratch to get your instant, customized sprinkler plan. OSSD’s friendly draw tools make it easy to design the yard you want.

Click Download Preparation Guide to help you get started.

Download Preparation Guide

2 - VIEW

After you have completed your design, you can instantly view your sprinkler plan, customized parts list, and have parts shipped right to your door! OSSD shows you sprinkler head and pipe placement, and provides a comprehensive installation guide to help make your design a reality.


While installing a sprinkler system can be challenging, Orbit has made the installation process easier than ever before with a comprehensive step-by-step installation guide, push-to-connect pipe and fittings, pre-assembled manifolds, and B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Timers.